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WCF Foundation is dedicated to helping women build the skills and infrastructure they need to become more effective leaders in public life.

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Voices from the Ladder - September 23, 2010


WCF Foundation’s Voices from the Ladder performance piece disturbs complacency about the abysmally low number of women in public office and why their political equality plays a crucial role in our country’s strength and future. Enjoy the video of our September 23rd, 2010 performance in Washington DC.




2010 Election Results


Even though the elections are done, our work isn’t over. WCF Foundation is already gearing up for next year, 2012, and beyond. We’re continuing our groundbreaking research and targeted programs, including:

•    Name It. Change It. — Fighting sexism in the media
•    Vote With Your Purse — Exploring women’s political giving patterns
•    Appoint Her — Providing invaluable  tips on how to get more women in appointed office
•    Who Needs More Women in Government? Everyone. — Calling attention to women’s underrepresentation in government

Your support is vital to helping us achieve national political parity. Stand up for equal representation and support WCF Foundation today.


WCF Foundation Herstory

The first step toward achieving equal representation in government is ensuring that women have the skills and infrastructure they need to become effective political leaders. When our predecessor, the Women’s Campaign Research Fund, was created in 1983, only 4% of congressional seats and 13% of state legislative positions were held by women. WCRF, a 501(c)(3) organization, aimed to address that inequality by conducting research and training programs that help women succeed in politics. Since then, we’ve been a pioneer in the field of women’s political research and training. We’ve provided over 30 training sessions for nearly 2,000 women all over the country on topics ranging from nonpartisan leadership to communications to fundraising. 

In 2006, WCRF became the Women’s Campaign Forum Foundation when the Women’s Campaign Fund re-organized to better meet the needs of women running for political office. Today, WCF Foundation conducts action-oriented research and pilots targeted programs that prepare women to become more politically active, increase their engagement in key democratic processes, and ready them for public leadership roles. We’re working hard to identify barriers to women’s political equality and provide ways to move beyond those barriers. Our research and programs are key resources for women seeking to become effective public leaders. Click here to read more about the unique Herstory of WCF Foundation.


WCF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.  

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